SuperDrive™ conveyor belting reduces sanitation time (less changeover time between shifts and more production time), reduces maintenance, reduces water and chemical expenditures and reduces electricity consumption. It lowers bacteria counts for a cleaner, healthier product with improved product shelf life.

The unique SuperDrive™ system is installed in thousands of industries and facilities worldwide. In fact, it is the only homogenous positive drive belt with an installation track record of over 10 years of continuous use. SuperDrive™ is considered state of the art for hygiene, quick sanitation and savings in the cost of ownership.

Available in three belt thicknesses (3mm, 4mm or 6mm) and varying hardnesses: food-grade blue and beige (Shore 55D, 53D), a Metal Detectable (MD) version (Shore 53D) and a special Low Temperature (LT) version for deep freeze applications (Shore 95A, 46D).

Material Features

Smooth, homogenous surface without crevices prevents bacteria and biofilm buildup
No ply or edge fraying, compared with fabric belts; no hinges, moving parts and pins, compared with modular belts
Simple, more hygienic conveyor construction; no heavy friction pulleys
Reduced product waste
Works with HACCP systems and standard hygiene/sanitation regimens (CIP)
USDA/FDA cleared /3A Dairy/EC approved

Mechanical Benefits
Volta Belting’s SuperDrive™ system presents a homogeneous Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) positive drive conveyor belt with two parallel rows of extruded teeth on the underside of the belting material. The teeth engage in a toothed drive sprocket that drives the belt with little or no pretensioning to prevent off-tracking.

Minimal pretension reduces elongation
Reduces noise level to a minimum
Lightweight belting cuts back on motor and energy usage
Easy to install
Strong base for heat-welded fabrications
Long operating life